Sonic Bodies

image of maria kapsali

As part of the Being Human Festival, I was involved in the technical support for the Sonic Bodies installation. This project from Maria Kapsali was bringing together Sonolope and some new explorations. These explorations included bringing sculpture to visually impaired people. Works were prepared ‘Pan’, and ‘Kiss’, based on artworks that were present in the gallery. These pieces were then sonified, and created into experiences through movement.

More about the project can be found: 

and written up at The Wilberforce Trust who supported this project:

Throughout November 20-24th 2018.



A project I am involved in a technologist capability is HOUSE, where I will be using Sonolope to add interactivity to the performances happening over the week of Tuesday 30 January 2018, to 3rd February.

Details of the project:

HOUSE begins with the story of Robert Arthington, a rich man locally known as the Headingley Miser. He built a large house for his bride; but the bride never came. So he lived alone in one room, on half a crown a week, and received his visitors in the dark.

Around him 19th Century Headingley was growing from a country village separated from Leeds by fields and farms to a vibrant suburb, where industrialsts and imperialists alike built themselves splendid houses. The miser’s millions meanwhile were supporting missionary projects around the world. Arthington, Liberia, bears his name to this day.

Created by A Quiet Word in collaboration with members of the local community, HOUSE is a site-specific performance that explores how property and power connect Headingley and the wider world. You are invited behind closed doors for a conversation in the dark, and to where the present overlays the past.

Tuesday 30 January to Saturday 3 February, 6pm and 8pm

Booking is essential. The performance lasts approximately two hours and involves some walking outdoors between sites and upstairs. Due to the domestic nature of the sites, access is limited. Meet at 57 Headingley Lane, LS6 1AA.

Booking fee of £5 per person. To book, visit and search for ‘House’, or visit

Proceeds will go to Shelter and St George’s Crypt.

More information available

Leeds Creative Labs…

[UPDATED] This year I’ve been selected as part of the Leeds Creative Labs cohort, which brings together Academics and Creative Technologists for collaboration. We have all met so far for an initial session to get to know each other and to be paired in our group of partner(s) who we will be working with over the month. This first session flew by and there was not enough time to get to know everyone as well as I would have liked to, but I managed to already meet some great people who are inspiring, intelligent and in the spirit of sharing which can sometimes be difficult to find. Continue reading “Leeds Creative Labs…”

Annual Business Lecture, JCI

Annual Business Lecture, JCI (Panelist)May 2010

This non-profit group for young business people have a yearly ‘lecture’ for it’s members and I was invited to be on the panel with 3 other professionals including the VP of marketing at Linkdin. My focus was apps and how they are changing the way we live / work.

‘Making sense of a social networking world’

May 27, 2010 at 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

The Rose Bowl, Leeds Met Uni Business School, Leeds

Your host and compere for the evening will be Steve Parks, an ex-BBC radio journalist, professional speaker, author and entrepreneur.

Our guest speakers will include:

Patrick Crane: Vice President Marketing at LinkedIn (via video link-up from Silicon Valley)

Will Kintish: Leading networking and LinkedIn training authority

Christine Morris (Farion): Founder of Apps & Hats and Digital Communications lecturer

Consultant from v social: Leeds-based social media consultancy

Steve will be introducing, interviewing and fielding questions to our panel of experts who’ll help our audience to:

• demystify social media
• highlight to us the benefits and impact of social media, and what the buzz is all about
• explain why it’s grown so rapidly, and why it’s growing, and definitely here to stay
• and, tell us who’s engaging in social media and how it should be embraced

Join us for networking prior to the event with food and refreshments, and an event ‘after party’ for all attendees with exclusive drinks offer to be held at HaHa, a short distance away in Millennium Square. Attendees will include JCI members and leading figures from the local business world.

Last year’s lecture a great success attracting over 100 attendees, and was part of the prestigious Leeds Business Week.

Where: The Rose Bowl, Leeds Metropolitan University Business School, Portland Crescent LS1 3HB

When: Thursday, 27th May 2010, 6pm – 9pm

Price: £20 JCI members and corporate partners, £40 non-members. Includes food and refreshments, post lecture ‘after-party’ with exclusive drinks offers at HaHa Millennium Square.

How to book: Book online with eventbrite.

Contact: Anil Champaneri, Deputy President JCI Leeds ( or Michael Ham, Business Director JCI Leeds (