Testers wanted for my research… can you help?


Hey folks – I’m nearly complete a part of research in forgetfulness, looking at smart devices to reduce anxiety when we forget. There is now another study I am working on and would love to have a few testers that don’t mind using a few different devices (message bags etc) and giving regular feedback. It involves using a device for a 2 week period (as much or as little as you like) and then feeding back with a short questionnaire online.

If you are interested please visit the micro site with more information and a short questionnaire to check eligibility.

If possible it would also be great to have a chat with you after the testing is complete for a few minutes to get any other information about the devices that you have.

a little information about this…

My research has been concerned with looking at ways to reduce anxiety when we forget. When I have been looking into forgetfulness for people with no medical diagnosis or reason that they are forgetful, and how this affects their lives. When people believe they are forgetful it seems that they are feeling more anxious about forgetting and it looks like it makes the whole thing worse really. Also from my own investigations I am discovering that a lot of people think they are forgetful, and it is affecting their lives. They are putting new practices into place to help them to remember but overall it is having a detrimental effect. This can range from feeling abd about their day / themselves, and a lot of negative emotions that override their day if they forget an essential item.

p.s. I realise the cakes have nothing to do with this