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Super fun for folks with an old pizza box lying around and who want a cheaper version Oculus Rift!

Cardboard is a project from Google, to help you make your own! Read about it here, more information taken from Laughing Squid: Cardboard is a simple experimental project by Google that transforms an Android smartphone into a basic virtual reality headset using what amounts to a little cardboard, a couple lenses, and some magnets. The project has uploaded design files for the physical headset and some documentation to help developers code software to use with the device.

Cardboard Detail

Here is the official site for the projcet: https://gweb-cardboard.appspot.com/ with an animation to show you how to construct the box. Have fun!

Note that you do need a phone that will fit so do check.

Leeds Creative Labs…

[UPDATED] This year I’ve been selected as part of the Leeds Creative Labs cohort, which brings together Academics and Creative Technologists for collaboration. We have all met so far for an initial session to get to know each other and to be paired in our group of partner(s) who we will be working with over the month. This first session flew by and there was not enough time to get to know everyone as well as I would have liked to, but I managed to already meet some great people who are inspiring, intelligent and in the spirit of sharing which can sometimes be difficult to find. Continue reading Leeds Creative Labs…