VisionSim; simulator for visual impairments

Do you know someone with a visual impairment? Are you trying to learn a little more about conditions for sight loss and h

How-to: Delete an app in iOS using Voice Over

Delete an app in iOS while using Voice Over is easy enough to do once you know how. By default when Voice Over is on, it reads

Aipoly Vision versus Tap Tap See: Apps for visual impairment

Aipoly Vision and Tap Tap See do very similar things. They are object recognise apps for visually impaired,  to help someone

Slow Technology: Programming the Interface

This post examines The interface described will be coded using Xcode, using the interface builder (fig. 20) section of Xcode a

Slow Technology: Last Planet

Last Planet is introduced as a retail solution designed to increase dwell time, reflection and interaction. The project set ou

Last Planet: The Iterations for the Design

Yo! Create (iOS App)

Yo! Create (iOS App), Oct. 2011 An app to help creativity, through the use of exercises and activities to try. Coded in Xcode.

Shandy Hall (iOS App)

Shandy Hall (iOS App), Sept. 2011 Created for the Shandy Hall Museum. iTunes Link I have been working on creating an app for t

Travel Cash (iOS App)

Travel Cash (iOS App), March 2011 I completed this app after noticing that feedback and comments suggested that my Allowance a

Re-writing Freud (iOS App)

Re-writing Freud (iOS App), Feb 2011 The re-writing Freud app became available to purchase in the App Store from February 4th.

Lil Tweet

Lil Tweet was the first app I made as a challenge to create a small creative way to use the social service Twitter. This app e

Allowance (iOS App)

Allowance  (iOS App), November 2009 This app is one that we have been working on for months. From the initial concept to its, über-jury for App Star Awards (über-jury for App Star Awards) International, Nov-Dec 2009Selected to be one of the Judges of the App Star awar

Apps and Hats (iOS App Now Available)

Apps and Hats (App), May 2009 I made this tabs based design app that loaded the web pages about the show, which taught me a lo

Lil Tweet

Apps & Hats: The quirky online show reviewing iPhone apps

Concept created early 2009 and the first episode aired in March.  We were a “Quirky online show reviewing iPhone applic