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Travelling Christine : Postcards

nexus phone

Android accessibility? Is there any?

VisionSim; simulator for visual impairments

Do you know someone with a visual impairment? Are you trying to learn a little more about conditions for sight loss and how vision can be affected? VisionSim is a…

How-to: Delete an app in iOS with Voice Over

Delete an app in iOS while using Voice Over is easy enough to do once you know how. By default when Voice Over is on, it reads the…

aipoly vision view

Aipoly Vision versus Tap Tap See

Easy Access Accessibility Settings

If you find you are using the Accessibility settings often or want to easily and quickly be able to make changes, you can include a link to it…

Contrast for Readability

There are settings on a mac that can make working on the computer much easier for anyone with a visual impairment, but also, some of these settings make…

accessibility Plugin

Accessibility Plugin for your site

Installing a plugin for your WordPress site is a great and easy way to be sure it’s as accessible as possible. I’ve installed WP Accessibility and it monitors…

chrome web store

Accessibility and Chrome

This is a guide for setting up accessibility features on Chrome Browser. The guide in this post is for accessibility and Chrome – how to set it up with…

finger device

Finger Reader, wearable text reading device

There is more information about the project and where the current development is about Finger Reader.

Research Prototypes: Testers wanted!

Smart bags demo

PICAXE for Wearables

ilyware launch

LIMiTED: ilyware

A Creative Creator Fair

It’s been another crazy maker weekend – this time a creative Creator Fair at the Space Centre in Leicester was hosting a creative weekend with makers from around…

Creator Fair Reminder

Cheap ways to get started with Arduino ¢ ¢ ¢

Starting Arduino doesn’t have to cost a lot at all, this post aims to cover the cheap ways to get started with Arduino, which are especially useful for…

HELP! Five Fabulous Forums

EVENT: wuthering bytes, a festival of technology

creator fair

EVENT: Creator Fair, National Space Centre

Uploading a sketch: Arduino


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