York Hackspace at Manchester Mini Maker Faire

Our York Hackspace group set up at the Manchester Maker Faire over the weekend of Saturday 26th / 27th July. On the official site this event is described as: “the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth—a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement. It’s a place where people show what they are making, and share what they are learning.”

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Leeds Creative Labs…

[UPDATED] This year I’ve been selected as part of the Leeds Creative Labs cohort, which brings together Academics and Creative Technologists for collaboration. We have all met so far for an initial session to get to know each other and to be paired in our group of partner(s) who we will be working with over the month. This first session flew by and there was not enough time to get to know everyone as well as I would have liked to, but I managed to already meet some great people who are inspiring, intelligent and in the spirit of sharing which can sometimes be difficult to find. Continue reading Leeds Creative Labs…

CHI 2014

[Photo from my demo table. Thank you so much if you were one of the people who came to talk with me, it was such an amazing experience!]

Today is the last day of the CHI conference  and I have had an amazing experience.

This time round I was able to speak with a lot more people both about my own practice as well as theirs. It really is inspiring to meet and talk with people who are similar in ways of their technology use and exploring taking the technology further. This year there was a wearables exhibit that showcased a lot of the history of where these ideas of todays use originated from and we had a chance to see and hear (and try!) some of the old and newer tech – as described to us from some of the people who helped create and inspire today’s visions.
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Black 1950s Vintage, 5 LED bag…

This new handbag was created to be used in a single-user study that will be taking place over the month. It has been modified based on feedback from previous user testing and focus groups that I have run over the course of the PhD so far. Included in this bag is a 5 LED configuration – which in this case it was decided to keep it all visible. Continue reading Black 1950s Vintage, 5 LED bag…

Lilypad connection : Fixed

Sometimes when you are working on a project, it’s hard to think of all the possible solutions to an issue. This post is about a problem I  had when trying to upload my code to a Lilypad (any board really) – but it left me wondering what the heck, and becoming really frustrated at why I could not load my code… here is what I tried and what worked for me. Continue reading Lilypad connection : Fixed

What’s in Your Bag / Backpack / Purse… ?

I’m trying to figure out what exactly are we carrying with us, what items are important to us, and how do we feel if we forget these items… also, is this unique to us as individuals or do we have more in common with others than we may realise?

I’d love to find some people who could help the study by:

[symple_box color=”blue” text_align=”left” width=”100%” float=”none”] When you make a journey, say to work, out for the weekend, to a friends, that you would either take a photo of the contents* of the bag you are taking with you, or just type up the items you bring – all the items.

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Motivations for My Research

The motivation for this research is to investigate the design and use of ubiquitous technology and to consider the feasibility and practicality of carrying and using a smart device in the form of ‘message bag’, in order to reduce stress levels associated with forgetfulness. This leading on to determine the suitability of the bag with embedded technology for use in our everyday lives.

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