Research Prototypes: Testers wanted!

Testers wanted for my research… can you help?

Hey folks – I’m nearly complete a part of research in forgetfulness, looking at smart devices to reduce anxiety when we forget. There is now another study I am working on and would love to have a few testers that don’t mind using a few different devices (message bags etc) and giving regular feedback. It involves using a device for a 2 week period (as much or as little as you like) and then feeding back with a short questionnaire online.

If you are interested please visit the micro site with more information and a short questionnaire to check eligibility.

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A Creative Creator Fair

It’s been another crazy maker weekend – this time a creative Creator Fair at the Space Centre in Leicester was hosting a creative weekend with makers from around the country. I was showing some of the message bags I’ve been working on over the last many (many many) months and enjoyed talking with people about what I’m doing, why I do it and how they could get started making things too. Continue reading A Creative Creator Fair

Cheap ways to get started with Arduino ¢ ¢ ¢

Starting Arduino doesn’t have to cost a lot at all, this post aims to cover the cheap ways to get started with Arduino, which are especially useful for when you are trying out a project and want to be sure it will work. You can always upgrade and swap out the parts later for their more robust / better quality matches later. Although, I have had good experiences and the parts I’ve been ordering have worked as intended. Continue reading Cheap ways to get started with Arduino ¢ ¢ ¢

EVENT: wuthering bytes, a festival of technology

Technology festival Wuthering Bytes is happening again this year at Hebden Bridge and I am privileged to be a speaker there on the final day, Friday October 2nd.

Tickets are a tenner per day that you want to attend which is a really great way to do it so you don’t necessarily have to attend the full week – though by the looks of it there is something for everyone and a good variety of content, more information is available from the Wuthering Bytes website or from the Twitter account but here is a general overview of the days and content (not in order of days).

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EVENT: Creator Fair, National Space Centre

Hey I’m really excited to say that I’ll be bringing some of my stuff over to the Creator Fair at the National Space Centre in Leicester which is happening on September 19 & 20th 2015.

It’s an event to showcase some of the creative and interesting projects that are being made all over the UK, from makers, creatives, crafters etc and there will be workshops on the day and other things for you to experience. Continue reading EVENT: Creator Fair, National Space Centre

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